[TYPO3-templavoila] Hooks wanted!

Simon Tuck stu at rtpartner.ch
Tue Dec 16 14:45:52 CET 2008

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> I am not sure how many developers read this list. But if you are a developer and you do TV XCLASSing, think about requesting some hooks from me instead! I code for TV these days (and at least until the end of the month), so you will be able to get any hooks into the code of version 1.4. Please, use bug tracker (BT) to create feature requests like "Hook request: blah-blah".

Hi Dmitry,
We have an extension which runs the content/data array from TV through 
smarty and have inserted a hook via xclass into tx_templavoila_pi1 
(@line 263, just before  "// Unset curent parent record info").
Any possibility of including this?

// ------------------------------------------------------------
// Hook for alternate processing of the data array (e.g. running the 
data through
// smarty before returning)
// Example usage in ext_localconf.php:
// ['EXTCONF']['templavoila']['pi1']['processDataValues']['my_extension'] =

         $hookObjectsArr = array();					
         if (is_array 
as $classRef) {
                 $hookObjectsArr[] = &t3lib_div::getUserObj($classRef);

         // Hook: processDataValues
         foreach($hookObjectsArr as $hookObj)	{
             if (method_exists ($hookObj, 'processDataValues')) {
                 $hookObj->processDataValues($dataValues, $LP[$key], 
$key, $valueKey, $cObj, $this);
// ------------------------------------------------------------


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