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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Fri Dec 12 07:56:13 CET 2008


Gideon So wrote:
> This post is copied from dev list. Can anyone give him a hint??

There is no need to copy. I read dev list and I answered there yesterday. Also there is such thing as search. Answers to this question were posted more than once :( I am disappointed that people do not use search... Instead of asking the same question over and over again I could do some more development.

I will review some of those patches today. I have only Fridays free from my main work. Conditions for patches to appear in the official SVN are well known and they are not different to the core. I also plan to fix some other bugs and make enhancements.

I would also avoid using any unofficial SVNs or T3Xes because they may have other bugs. If such bugs are reported for the official version and not confirmed later, still it will take time to try&investigate. Such time could be spend for real things. So I would wait for official reviewed version.

Steffen & Niels, please, avoid distributing any unofficial versions of TemplaVoila. It will do more harm than good. There is only one TemplaVoila. If you want to distribute your own, you have to mark it clearly as a different extension. Do not confuse people with unofficial editions.

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