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Gideon So gideonso at livingwater.org.hk
Thu Dec 11 10:12:44 CET 2008

This post is copied from dev list. Can anyone give him a hint??

Gideon So

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??: [TYPO3-dev]  TV patches/updates
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first of all sorry, for posting this here and not in the templavoila
newsgroup but I currently have a retarded internet that won't allow me to
connect to a newsgroup server directly (port blocked). However I can use
nabble to post here.

So to my actual question:

on http://web27.gknetzwerk.de/index.php?id=22 you can see some incredible
patches from Niels and Steffen for TV. They are there for quite a while -
I'm wondering if they are currently reviewed or finding there way in the
templavoila svn...

as far as it seems the svn on forge is the same as the TER?
so is there any other development svn?

also the patche templavoila_SVN-mapper_nospaces.diff from Niels seems to be
out of date (it least that's what my tortois svn says - and it can't perform
the patch). [couldn't test the others]

so does anyone has a complete patched version (as *.t3x or zip or "secret"
svn or ...)
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