[TYPO3-templavoila] typolink.parameter to open in new JS window

Martin Adler martin.adler at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 23:28:53 CEST 2007

Hi list,

after pulling my hair out on this one for hours, I thought before it's all
gone, I will seek help here. I must admit that I might have missed it while
googling or searching the wiki/newsgroup.

I am trying to have a typolink of an image open a page inside a fixed-sized
JS popup window (no addressbar etc). This is of course inside a FCE. TSref
shows me this nicely in section 5.8 under parameter.

So I try to do the following in the DS:

        10 = IMAGE
        10.file.import = uploads/tx_templavoila/
        10.file.import.current = 1
        10.file.import.listNum = 0
        10.file.maxW = 128
        10.file.minW = 128
        10.file.maxH = 128
        10.file.minH = 128

        10.stdWrap.typolink.parameter = 1 230x450:resizable=0,location=0
        10.stdWrap.typolink.parameter.field = field_link1

It somehow ignores the first parameter completely. I have been able to get a
new window via typolink.target = _blank but this is not at all what I want.

Please open my eyes on this one.

Kind regards,


PS: Dmitry, I am up for a riddle if it is that trivial. ;-)

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