[TYPO3-templavoila] Benefits of TemplaVoila

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Tue Nov 27 08:41:56 CET 2007

Henjo Hoeksma kirjoitti:
> I smiled reading your reply Dmitry :-)
> The underlying question would be: what would be possible with TV that
> would not be possible otherwise? I am asking the question since I did
> a basic comparison but haven't seen anything yet thatcould not also be
> done using autoparser/automaketemplate.
> Maybe I haven't dived in deep enough yet. ;-)
> Sincerely,
> Henjo

Because Dmitry is the current maintainer of templavoila, his estimation 
is not neutral.

When you rate the classic page module and templavoila, you should do it 
from two directotion. User friedliness (usability) and designing.

I have used both classic page module and templavoila.


Concering designing I know the alternative (kb_nescefe), which does 
quite the same as FCEs in templavoila.
It is easy to use and in most cases flexible enough. There are also some 
  plugins, which you can create content elements, which have 2-3 
bodytext areas and you can use templates how to set them.

The only really annoying issue in templavoila is that if you upload a 
new HTML template you must remap it even if you have made tiny changes. 
You don't need ever do that if you use MTB. Just clear all cashe and 
that's it.

I don't argue that templavoila would not be more flexible but I don't 
have ever needed it for my Finnish customers. I have done something with 
templavoila only for some foreign customers.

User frienliness (usability):

Concerning user friedliness I have not get fully satisfactory result and 
I get in some respects better result for the classi page module. As 
default it looks worse. I have done plugin for the page module of 
templavoila too and I really know what I'm writing in this issue.

Selecting templates.
The good thing is template seletion creting new pages.
But swithing templates using page properties is an annoying experience.
You have too many steps and the page must meanwhile reload.
Just too complex for avarage user. Very bad usability.
WEC has tried to improve this.

Concerning user friendliness frontent editing is much more challenging 
for templavoila. There are few issues, which I have not succeeded to 
implemented for templavoila but just the classic page module.

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