[TYPO3-templavoila] Questions about the TV "Default template"

Nikolas Hagelstein hagelstein at shr.cc
Tue Nov 6 15:46:19 CET 2007


Michael Bakonyi wrote:
> It's possible if you edit the php-file. Look at this german Tutorial
> (I think it's understandable for non-germans, too. ;-) 

Removing the default template option isnt a good idea. 
Even if you got only one template there are still 2 ways to assign it to the
1. Use the default template (i.e. "Inheritate from above" actually no
template is assigned to the page directly - tx_templavoila_ds and
tx_templavoila_to are set to 0).
2. Use your certain template explicitly (i.e. tx_templavoila_ds and
tx_templavoila_to are really set according to the template you ve choosen.)

Removing the "Default Template" option prevents you from using the
"Inheritate from above  / tx_templavoila_next_ds +tx_templavoila_next_to"
mechanism from withhin the wizard.


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