[TYPO3-templavoila] TypoScriptObjectPath and lib.something = USER

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Wed May 16 08:45:20 CEST 2007


you can use the example below, to get the parent record.
In this example, you will get the "uid" field.

    10 = TEXT
    10.data = register:tx_templavoila_pi1.parentRec.uid
    10.wrap = preWrap | postWrap

Andreas Jonderko

Uschi Renziehausen schrieb:
> Hello TVs :)
> Can you please help me with a problem assigning a USER-object to a 
> TypoScriptObject Path?
> In my project, i need to find out the uid of the next page up in 
> rootline that has the field layout=1. This uid I want to assign to the 
> special.value of a HMENU with special = list. After trying hard to find 
> a mere ts solution, I finally gave up and switched to a little PHP-script:

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