[TYPO3-templavoila] T3 - TV Rendering process

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Mon May 7 11:34:36 CEST 2007

Hi TV-Freaks,

I'am trying to make a visualization of the rendering process, aspecially 
   about the TemplaVoila part. I asked already Dmitry, but he is quite 
busy at the moment...but maybe you guys can give me some hints:

Actual graphic:

The *magic* for me is still in step 5b, where the data is processed ... 
and how the difference between FCE and page template is in the 

Normaly the tt_content rendering object is calling CTypes like TEXT, 
IMAGE directly, templavoila is like an additional layer between this? Is 
TV using

So i guess that templavoila is getting the data (userinput), mapping 
(TO) and the datastructure (DS) to run the rendering process of 
css_styled_content? Is it right?

If you are able to give me a small description about the process (maybe 
as 1-2-3 short steps) in the tx_templavoila rendering object (5), I will 
append it to the current graphic and add some documentation on this ... 
so everyone can SEE how the process is working. It would be a great help 
for other developers and maybe more users would use TemplaVoila for own 

I'm happy about every little hint, thanks!

Andreas Jonderko

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