[TYPO3-templavoila] mapping mininews

Michael Bakonyi kontakt at mb-mediendesign.de
Thu May 3 11:28:37 CEST 2007

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Michael Bakonyi wrote:
>> Did anybody of you guys map mininews correctly and could help me with 
>> this issue?
> Maps fine for me. Take a look to the image:
> http://typo3bloke.net/fileadmin/_temp_/mininews-mapping.png

Hm, not for me, though ... The only difference I can see is the "RANGE 
TO" for your "Archive listing container". Where did you map this element 
to? I tried all but it it didn't solve the problem so far ...

Here's what I mapped. I would be very, very happy if you could check it 
with your mapping:

ROOT of MultiTemplate --> body

ARCHIVE LISTING --> div class="tx-mininews-pi1" (I'm not sure if this is 
right, but if I map it to div class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrow" for 
example I can't choose any other element for the Archive Listing 
Container because everthing is greyed out ...)

Archive Listing Container --> div class="sectionContainer"

Element Container --> div class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrow"

Date --> p class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-datetime"

Header --> span within p class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-title"

Teaser --> span within p class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-teaser"

Link --> a within p class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-title"

Link#2 --> a within class="tx-mininews-pi1-listrowField-teaser"

Search form action --> form within div class="tx-mininews-pi1-searchbox">


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