[TYPO3-templavoila] Funky page view

Simon Browning simon at stwdesign.com
Thu Mar 15 05:07:59 CET 2007

Simon Browning wrote:
> I originally posted this in t.english, but realize this is probably the 
> proper place for it.

Just noticed that there is a js error on the page.  Popping open the ff 
error console, I see lines like this:


which is clearly incorrect, typo3temp isn't inside mod1.  That explains 
why I'm seeing the root page.

The question is though why is it doing this?  Is there a constant value 
I need to set somewhere?  I've never encountered this before.

Any help, most appreciated.  Thank you.


> One one of our sites the page view in the back end is messed up.  It's 
> showing the root page of the website but without the stylesheet - its 
> almost like "View" view, but only showing the root page and without the 
> stylesheet.
> It was t3 3.81 with templavoila .4.  Hoping it was some weird glitch and 
> upgrading t3 would the issue I upped the site to 4.1  and TV 1.3, 
> however no go, same issue.
> This happened immediately following adding a second top top level page 
> (immediately under the site root - id=0) for a second domain.  We've 
> done this plenty of times in the past, no issue.
> The sites been up for a couple of years.  FE is fine, just BE page view 
> is messed up.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Simon

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