[TYPO3-templavoila] Traditional header field and FCEs

Uschi Renziehausen typo3news at otherone.de
Tue Mar 6 01:44:41 CET 2007

Dear tv-gurus,

can you please help me to understand certain things? It is all about how 
to deal with the traditional header-field in content objects. So far I 
have understood the following:

The tradional header field has to be filled for two reasons:
1) If it is left empty, you end up with lots of [No title] - elements in 
list view and 'Unused elements'.
2) You cannot use a section menu (the ones with #header1, #header2), and 
this is something I definitely need.

Unfortunately, the traditional header field is not rendered in the FE 
for FCEs. As a workaround there are two ways:

1) I have to define a 'private' header element in my FCE and have to 
fill in the same text twice. That I do find very inconvenient.

2) I still define a 'private' header element in my FCE, set the mapping 
type to 'Not mapped' and then add a <TypoScript> section to this FCE:

    10 = COA
    10.1 = TEXT
    10.data = register:tx_tx_templavoila_pi1.parentRec.header
    10.2 = TEXT
    10.2.data = register:tx_tx_templavoila_pi1.parentRec.header_layout


Question No 1

The question for the question marks above is: How do I marry the code 
above to what I defined in my template for the headers of normal CEs in 
lib.stdheader without repeating all of it in each and every FCE? There 
is this sentence in the docs which i do not quite understand:

<quote>Notice that these registers are undefined for static data 
structures because static data structures do not have associated parent 
record. If reference to  tx_templavoila_pi1.parentRec.XXX appears in the 
static data structure, result is undefined.</quote>[1]

May I have some example code, please?

Question No 2

In the BE form for FCEs i am deprived of several fields which are 
present in normal content elements, i.e. header_layout, header_link, 
date. Why are they gone, and more important, may I have them back and 
how? Because if I do not have them, the whole plan with parentRec does 
not work out.

 From reading the Page TSConfig docs [2], I understood that I can 
disable a field by something like this:

TCEFORM.[table-name].[field] {
   disabled = 1

So I suppose, in normal cases, I could reenable it by setting disabled 
to 0, but for tt_content the fields are only disabled if the Ctype is 
FCE. Can someone tell me how to switch the fields on?

Good night for 2night, Uschi


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