[TYPO3-templavoila] copy content element to a new page OR make use of "non-used element"

Anders Tillbeck at at opengate.dk
Mon Jun 11 15:21:51 CEST 2007


I have made an extension there amoung others shall copy a page content 
element from one page to another.

My best result so far is to copy a row from tt_content and insert it 
again into tt_content with a new pid. But on the new page this new copy 
of a content element will not be inserted on the page but will end up in 
"non-used elements". This must be due to the fact that I copy it instead 
of letting TV copy it.

Before I start to hack something together for a workaround I must ask if 
there is a standardized way to either:
1) Copy a page content element from one page and insert the copy on 
another page?
2) Insert a "non-used element" into "the used ones"

I can see that it can all be done using the backend and clicking with a 
mouse but unfortunately I need my extension to do it for me...

In the Typo3 backend it is manually done this way:
1) Copy: http://URL/t3_test3/typo3conf/ext/templavoila/mod1/index.php

2) Paste: http://URL/t3_test3/typo3conf/ext/templavoila/mod1/index.php

If I only use the "paste link" I will insert the content correctly. Now 
I just need to fint out how to generate the "paste link" or how to use 
some other smart function within typo3/TV

Any help will be apreciated

BR. Anders

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