[TYPO3-templavoila] Templavoila revisited

Stefan Beylen intsys at swissinfo.org
Thu Jul 26 19:16:17 CEST 2007


Elmar Hinz wrote:
> Do you see improvements that important, that I should give TV a next try?

I had the same problems about a year ago, and never liked TV...
Sometimes though you need to use TV 4ex when design is very "boxy" and 
cant be accomplished with regular page module.
Recently I had (and still have) such a case and took TV - and was 
impressed how well it actually works out. Especially in combination with 
me_templavoilalayout it is very good to work with - especially for 
Editors. Mappings are usually not lost anymore as they used to be either.

Conclusion: if you need more than the 4 cols T3 provides take TV to make 
the BE more intuitive. if there is no reason for TV dont use it. Thats 
just my opinion, I prefer the Typoscript way as it is more easy to 
exchange templates.

my 2 cents

p.s.: thx dmitry for your great work on TV

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