[TYPO3-templavoila] Backend Layouts for TV

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Thu Jan 25 09:21:44 CET 2007


Jeff Segars wrote:
> Thanks for all your work getting versions 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 of TemplaVoila 
> out this week!  I've got a question on the roadmap for future versions 
> of TV.  This isn't an immediate concern on our end, but we are trying to 
> get a feel for whether this might be available in the future.

Generally you need to look to bug tracker and see what items are there. 
If I plan to make a new feature, I always put it there. If you see 
"assigned" (blue color) entry, it means it has most chances to get in. 
If it is unassigned (red), I (may be) looked at it but either do not 
know yet how to solve it or do not plan to do it. "Acknowledged" 
(yellow) items are those, which are on hold - i.e. they definitely will 
not be fixed in ant nearest future.

> Currently, its not possible to style the TV Page Module based on the 
> selected Data Structure. This would include setting the layouts and 
> widths of various content areas to reflect their frontend appearance.

DS, as is, does not define any visual structure. TO defines it. 
Therefore all layouts should go to TO, not DS. But this is my current 

> There are a couple extension (rmd_tv_decorator and me_templavoilalayout) 
> and a patch on the bugtracker (#4387) for this ability.  I don't know if 
> any of these are actually the right solution, but they do show there's 
> at least some interest in the feature :)

I have idea to integrate me_templavoilalayout (because it was asked) but 
I will have a look to rmd_tv_decorator too. The status of this feature 
request is "assigned".

> Is configurable backend layouts something you've thought about adding in 
> future versions of TemplaVoila?  If so, is this something we could 
> provide some assistance with through a patch or something like that?

Basically I answered above :)

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