[TYPO3-templavoila] Misbehaving RTE-Fields - Was: Re: ANN: TemplaVoila 1.2

Miriam Torbeck miriam at torbeck.de
Tue Jan 23 09:31:03 CET 2007

Hello Tom,

Tom Walter wrote:

> Thanks for your reply. I checked lots of stuff on the google and it 
> seems that I am the only one having this problem. So either I am doing 
> something terribly wrong or I am using a very odd combination.

No, not terribly wrong... but have a look at your RTE-Configuration!
You are deleting anything from the link-object, except the things which 
are defined by TS in your Template Setup for the tt_content.text-object.

So it is quite easy to understand, what TYPO3 does: namely exactly what 
you "wanted" it to do:

It takes away all styling of links - as you requested in RTE-Config - 
and adds your &raquo plus a   to the text-object, where you defined 
it to be.

The result is what you are complaining of: TYPO3 uses the &raquo in the 
text-object, but nowhere else...

> Following I post the settings and versions I use.
> The link again: http://www.onesimus-dienste.de/index.php?id=54
> I am using T3 4.03, TV 1.2, rtehtmlarea 1.3.8 and an extension ml_links 
> in version 0.1.5
> All I need are the »  before every link entered through rte.
> So if there is a way doing that without ml_links I would also be happy.
> I contacted already the developer of ml_links. But he also has the 
> extenstion running with TV w/o problems.

I don't know that extension. And when it is meant for the link styling, 
then you should try to fix your setup yourself. This will be a short 
learning process, but will end up in a future independency from some 
what linkstyling extension...

To be honest: I just ran into a comparable mistake in one of my 
installations, and looked for a solution a day before... ;-) That's how 
it goes with TYPO3 - quite complex thing to work with.

German links regarding RTE-Stuff:

And also very good: Carla Froitzheim on RTE:
http://www.site42.de/Wie-konfiguriert-man-den-RTE-h.58.0.html and

Best regards,


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