[TYPO3-templavoila] character before Link (made in rte)

Tom Walter t3 at wnets.de
Fri Jan 19 07:11:42 CET 2007

Tom Walter schrieb:
>> Tom Walter wrote:
>>> I would like all my links (all of them are made through rte) to have 
>>> a  >> before the linktext (f.e. <a href="http://www.typo3.org">>> 
>>> typo3.org</a>)
>>> I tried this in my typoscript setup:
>>> tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.wrap = >>|
>>> tt_content.text.10.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.wrap = >>|
> Actually I added an &raquo;&nbsp; before the link and I tried just 
> simple letters - it didn't work.

I am still searching the web and all my code for an answer. I saw, that 
the DS for my FCE-Element "rte" contains an entry about parse. Do I have 
to change something here ?

I tried to add
10.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.wrap = &raquo;&nbsp;|
10.parseFunc = &lt; lib.parseFunc_RTE

but than I get a yellow error message in the Frontend ...


Here is part of the DS:

<field_newsbox type="array">
	<tx_templavoila type="array">
		<sample_data type="array">
		<numIndex index="0"></numIndex>
		<proc type="array">
		<HSC type="integer">0</HSC>
			10 = TEXT
			10.current = 1
			10.parseFunc = &lt; lib.parseFunc_RTE
	<TCEforms type="array">
		<config type="array">

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