[TYPO3-templavoila] Odd TV-related sql error

Christopher Torgalson bedlamhotelnospam at gnospammail.com
Thu Jan 18 01:58:01 CET 2007

Hey list,

A client reported sql errors in the BE of a site, so I enabled the sql 
debug setting in the install tool to find out what there were. Here's 
the result:


Unknown column 'tx_templavoila_next_ds' in 'field list'

SELECT uid,tx_templavoila_ds,pid,tx_templavoila_next_ds
FROM tt_content WHERE uid=13 AND tt_content.deleted=0

sc_alt_doc->processdata // t3lib_tcemain->process_datamap // 
t3lib_tcemain->updatedb // t3lib_tcemain->updaterefindex // 
t3lib_refindex->updaterefindextable // 
t3lib_refindex->generaterefindexdata // t3lib_refindex->getrelations // 
t3lib_befunc::getflexformds // t3lib_db->exec_selectquery // t3lib_db->debug

Now here's the weird thing: this happens when saving CONTENT records, 
NOT page records, and tx_templavoila_ds and tx_templavoila_next_ds are 
fields in the 'pages' table, not 'tt_content.'

I can't figure out why these fields are in a query of tt_content at all; 
does anyone have any idea what might be happening?

TYPO3 4.0.4 / TV 1.1.1


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