[TYPO3-templavoila] Bug in page module with field of <eType>TypoScriptObject</eType>

Mathias Behrle expi311203 at gmx.de
Sun Feb 18 22:00:16 CET 2007

* Dmitry Dulepov am Sun, 18 Feb 2007 18:57:46 +0200:

Hi Dmitry,

> I still do not understand some things. Seems like you use your own terms 
> for some things.

Could be;-), I will try again.

>> They are mapped via TypoScript to a
>> graphical display. This is working.
> It is not possible to map anything through TS.

No, they are of course not mapped. I should have said:
The input of field_priority is replaced via TS with HTML code showing
different graphical elements, depending on value of field_priority.

>> http://behrle.dyndns.org/download/to_mapping.png
>> shows mapping of whole FCE
> Unavailable...

None of the images or only this one? Works for me.

>> Notice, that there are entries for field_priority. 
>> If you look at (Wunschzettel), the first two items were filled
>> "regularly", when I still was able to input in this field. The third
>> item got its value, when I switched field type <eType>TypoScriptObject</eType>
>> to <eType>input</eType> , because then it was displayed regularly. After
>> switching back to <eType>TypoScriptObject</eType> the element disappears
>> again on the edit page.
> This is correct. <eType>TypoScriptObject</eType> is not editable. Output 
> of this field is completely defined by its TS.

OK!! Thanks for this hint, which let me find my error.
I looked again at the podcast to verify, that this field indeed is of
type input with
set directly in the XML of the datastructure and not of type
TypoScriptObject. Now it works again like expected.

Thanks again!

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