[TYPO3-templavoila] other records than "Pagecontent" in editing type "Content Elements"?

Antonio Nikolic nikolic at intime.de
Tue Oct 31 10:54:19 CET 2006


With the Editing Type: "Content Elements" in the DS we are allowed to 
insert Pagecontent records in a FCE. So far so good;

Is it possible to insert custom records from custom tables? I want to be 
able to select records in the flexform from BE - just like with the 
'INSERT RECORDS' content type.
I guess sth. like is not sufficient, the "Content Elements" Form still 
allows selection of Content Elements only.

	10.source.field = records
	10.tables = tt_content, tx_some_table_here, tt_news
         10.dontCheckPid = 1

Any Ideas on this?

many thanks

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