[TYPO3-templavoila] 1.1.1

Franz Koch typo at fx-graefix.de
Wed Oct 11 14:18:04 CEST 2006

Hi Dimitry,

> It was never official feature but rather a missing check in the code :) 
> TS object path is supposed to be used only with corresponding field 
> type. Many people fall into problem when they first set field to TS 
> object path and then to CE. Directive for TS object path remained and 
> they do not see anything in FE due to that missing check.

ok, I see the problem. But wouldn't it be "better" to remove the directive for the object path?

> I think you can still use external object. Just do something like:
>     <TypoScript>
>         10 < lib.myObject
>     </TypoScript>
> for CE instead of default TS. Same goes for other field types. You still 
> can use <TypoScript> section.

Well, this only works in the main DS and not in the local processing field, so any changes made are lost on a DS update. That's one of the reasons why I used the TS object path. How about simply displaying the input field for the TSobjPath also in field type "content"? Would that be possible?
Or ignoring the TSObjPath in main DS but allowing in local processing DS?

> :) Usually non-russians do not notice.
I wouldn't have noticed also if Thunderbird didn't display it in the titlebar of the reply-window ;)

Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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