[TYPO3-templavoila] 1.1.1

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Wed Oct 11 11:47:45 CEST 2006


Franz Koch wrote:
> as always good job - but I really miss the possibility to override the 
> field type with TypoScriptObjectPath. This is so handy. I use it to 
> "redirect" the rendering of the field type "content" to a external TS in 
> my main template, where I apply some conditional rendering settings. Why 
> has this feature (it is one in my eyes) been canceled? Is there any 
> possibility to activate this feature with some PageTS or some additional 
> propperties in the overrideDS?

It was never official feature but rather a missing check in the code :) 
TS object path is supposed to be used only with corresponding field 
type. Many people fall into problem when they first set field to TS 
object path and then to CE. Directive for TS object path remained and 
they do not see anything in FE due to that missing check.

I think you can still use external object. Just do something like:

		10 < lib.myObject

for CE instead of default TS. Same goes for other field types. You still 
can use <TypoScript> section.

> PS: The charset of your messages is KOI8-R. It's not a problem for me, 
> but maybe utf-8 would be more common :)

koi8-r generally does not hurt english readers (= those who read my 
messages in English) but if I switch to utf-8 I cannot write in russian 
to several clients because their mailer do not accept utf-8 (especially 
webmails based on Horde/IMP). Thus I decided to keep koi8-r as default 
:) Usually non-russians do not notice.

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