[TYPO3-templavoila] Empty "non-used elements" view

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Sun May 7 10:56:21 CEST 2006


Jan Wulff wrote:
> I'm facing some new problems, while updating a multilanguage typo3 website
> to version 4.0. Maybe it's just a new configuration option, I've
> overlooked, so it would be great if someone can give me a hand. I'm using
> "inheritance" mode as described in the localization guide. This works fine
> in the default language and also with translated pages when they're sharing
> the same structure (so the content field in the TV page module is empty).
> But when I want to set up a new structure in one of the translated pages, I
> can't use content elements, which are also used in the default language,
> because they wont show up in the "non-used elements" view. Therefore I
> can't mix default and new elements or just change the order of display in
> one of the translated languages.

There is a problem related to localization & non-used elements. I am not
sure if it is the same that you described. If it is the same, it will be
fixed soon.

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