[TYPO3-templavoila] Contactform with TemplaVoilà

Norman Sand norman.sand at sanddesign.de
Thu Jul 20 08:36:03 CEST 2006

Hi there,

thanks so far for your answer.

> Christopher wrote:
>> I don't understand your question; using Templavoila has no effect on
>> what content elements are available for your use. Can elaborate about
>> why you can't use the regular form element?
> Christopher is right.
> If you are not working under admin user, check what content element
> types you can use.
> Dmitry.

I am working as an admin user. For better understanding I've put two
pictures on my webserver to show what I mean.


There are two buttons: The "old" page-button
and a new one for Templavoila. Clicking the old one gives me the standard
Typo3-menu for the content of the page.
The new button is different. Here I can click on the pencil-icon and
change the content of my page along with some other kind of settings like
name, template,... but I can't find any way to use the build in content

I followed the instructions of the "Futuristic Template Building"
but there seemed to be some differences between the old and the new
version of Typo3.

Can anyone tell me, which way I have to go?

Thank you very much!


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