[TYPO3-templavoila] configuring extensions - content element vs lib.myObject

Patrick Scholman typo3 at scholman.org
Wed Jul 12 16:04:56 CEST 2006

>>The lib.myObject way of adding content to a page is, as far as I can 
>>tell, only useful when you want to re-use the same content on many 
>>pages. Do you really want the Wiki to appear on all pages that use your 
>>TV template?
> In one area, yes... so that's not really a problem for me, but I understand
> your point... it wouldn't be helpful for a lot of people - or they would
> have to make a TV template just for the wiki page.

The next thing you could do is something like this:

lib.myObject = CONTENT
lib.myObject {
   table = tt_content
   select.uidInList = UID of the content element
   select.pidInList = PID of the page the content element is placed on

The content element this Code snippet (that I found somewhere...) refers 
to, would be placed on a (hidden) page...

This would at least solve the configuration problem since you can 
configure it with the Flexform and place with the lib.myObject method...



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