[TYPO3-templavoila] configuring extensions - content element vs lib.myObject

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 12 15:30:22 CEST 2006

Hi Patrick - thanks for showing an interest. :)

>Your thread(s) made me curious. Some of your remarks rang true with me 
>so I was hoping to find some tips I could use in the future. Most of the 
>time I have been able to figure out how to use the extensions I needed 

I think I managed to pick all the difficult extensions to use :) of course
... Murphy's Law.

>I hadn't tried DrWiki yet but installed it on a test site to see what I 
>could make of it. I am not too familiar with Wikis, but I get an 
>editable area as I would expect SIMPLY by adding the plugin as cObject 
>to a page. Check this out: http://mentor.scholman.org/excel/tesyt.html 
>(This page will not stay there very long though...)

Thanks, I checked it out - yes I think I will just have to use lib.MyObject

>The lib.myObject way of adding content to a page is, as far as I can 
>tell, only useful when you want to re-use the same content on many 
>pages. Do you really want the Wiki to appear on all pages that use your 
>TV template?

In one area, yes... so that's not really a problem for me, but I understand
your point... it wouldn't be helpful for a lot of people - or they would
have to make a TV template just for the wiki page.

>The only way I can think of to configure the lib.myObject object is to 
>use the TypoScript Object Browser or the predefined Template Constants 
>and look at the options that you have there under plugin.tx_drwiki_pi1...

Thanks ... not sure how I would do things in the TS Object Browser .. that's
just my ignorance. 

As far as the last part, my problem is that Im not sure enough of the code
to actually go manipulating anything but the most obvious... I may try with
a couple of hacks, otherwise, I will just give up I think.

>Maybe I just repeated obvious things, then forget all this, 

Not at all ... glad for a response :)


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