[TYPO3-templavoila] Bug in TemplaVoila?

TYPO3 News beate.Sommer at macdev.de
Mon Jan 30 09:55:12 CET 2006


i just made an content, where in a table are 5 rows. In every Row is an 
small Picture. With the Attribute function i mapped the href Tag, and 
made them as Link. Now TYPO3 mapped half of the Site wrong. Typo3 
inserted tha <a href Tag to other Table Rows, and other Pictures, who 
themselve are Mapped.
I Tested something on Friday, and very Strang this wrong Mapping is Gone. 
I made out of the Link Fields, normal Input Fileds, and now its working. 
I made this linking after an Text i get from my Boss, he made it this 
way at his last Project, where it works without Problems.

The Html looks lieke that:

Table (its the starting Point of my content)
td (only Text inside) - td (picture inside, and here he started to map 
with the <a href Tag!!)
td (an extra Table here inside, with the Links!) - td (an Picture he 
although mapped wrong!)

My extra Table:
td (first Picture, i linked that)
td (description)
td (second Pic, i linked that)
td (description)
td (3 pic, i linked that)
td (description)
td (4 Pic, i linked that)
td (description)
td (5 Picture, i linked that)
td (description)

Theres no spezial TS Code around, i made everything in TemplaVoila.
I hope someone understands that. :-)

Thanks for Help

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