[TYPO3-templavoila] Flexible Content Elements indexing&searching

John Angel angel_john at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 10 20:56:39 CET 2006

>> I was wondering do you suggest using FCE instead of Text w/image element
>> right away?
> I would.

The problem is how to display excerpts from FCE. I am using
gst_selectpro/gst_topcontent which are based on tt_content fields.

>> And here is the feature request :) To separate multilanguage translations
>> of FCE into several tabs - it is very distracting to have all language
>> versions on the same page. Page loading time is very long when having
>> several instances of RTE on the same page, also.
> Where exactly? Could you post a link to a screenshot?

I've sent you the screenshot to your private email.

When editing FCE, multilanguage versions of custom fields are presented
several times (for each language: DEF, EN, etc.) on the same page in
subsection 'Pagecontent: Content'.

The idea is to somehow separate translations to different tabs or pages.
There is no need to display all of it at once.

Another problem with current solution is high page loading time, since there
are several instances of RTE on the same page.


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