[TYPO3-templavoila] Flexible Content Elements indexing&searching

Jan-Hendrik Heuing [DD] jh at digitaldistrict.de
Sat Jan 7 14:07:33 CET 2006

>>> What about advanced search and limiting search to certain fields?
>> limiting serach to certain fields is not possible (yet).
> So it will be possible in couple of months?

I guess not unless it's a whole new solution. The index-search indexes 
rendered pages, so you do not search within fields but in generated pages 
whatever they contain.

You could actualy trick that what you might want to do: You could use 
COA_INT-objects for parts of the page which should not be indexed, you could 
even do that within your plugins for small snipplets. This is a solution 
which would work, but which would not be recommended at all 

The old-school-typo3-search did search in fields you specify, it's still 
part of TYPO3 I think.


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