[TYPO3-templavoila] Flexible Content Elements indexing &searching

John Angel angel_john at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 7 13:22:26 CET 2006

Hi Robert,

>> What about advanced search and limiting search to certain fields?
> limiting serach to certain fields is not possible (yet).

So it will be possible in couple of months?

Since I am new with TYPO3, it seems like a good idea to start using the
newest features, like TemplaVoila and Flexible Content Elements.

I was wondering do you suggest using FCE instead of Text w/image element
right away?

We are actually talking about future path in developing TYPO3. Since we can
easily simulate Text w/image using FCE, is it planned to do so in future

And here is the feature request :) To separate multilanguage translations of
FCE into several tabs - it is very distracting to have all language versions
on the same page. Page loading time is very long when having several
instances of RTE on the same page, also.

Many thanks,

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