[TYPO3-templavoila] Multilingual pages with TV 0.5.0 CVS and Typo3 4.0 Beta3

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Tue Feb 21 12:08:53 CET 2006


Franz Koch wrote:
> maybe this is a 'bug' as of not finished efforts in cvs or I'm simply to
> stupid to set up a multilingual page with TV.

Multilanguage support with TV is currently broken. I am trying to fix it
 but did not succeed so far. You can get version 1.68 of file named
templavoila/mod1/index.php to get it working (but without workspaces

> I've installed Typo3 4.0 beta3 and the cvs-version of templavoila 0.5.0
> from 8th february (from http://t3nighties.think-open.org/) as I don't
> get it how to login to cvs (didn't work with the tried client).

You do not need to login, access is anonymous for reading only.
Instructions are in the middle of this page:

> I've allready installed multiple TV-sites and can say that I'm allready
> used to it. Now I need to setup a multilingual page (singletree concept)
> and I've done it allready, but without TV.
> What I have done so far:
> - Typo3 is configured for 3 languages
> - testpage has allready a translation-page
> - template mapped and works so far
> but in TV I have no possibility to set any language related stuff. The
> localization-tab is missing and the tutorial from the wiki doesn't work,
> too (adding localization-lines to the DS as needed for FCEs).

You need to enable localization in page DS too. Follow wiki instructions.

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