[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE writes &lt; instead of < into FE source code

Florian Seirer f.seirer at tirol.gv.at
Mon Feb 13 10:10:18 CET 2006

Hi list!

I made a FCE to display some data about employees in the FE.

Now I want to add an image if there is some content in the plain text 
field for the fax number so I wrote the following code into the data 
structure right after the <eType> tag:

10 = IMAGE
10.if.isTrue.field = field_fax
10.file = fileadmin/icons/fax.gif
10.altText = Fax
20 = TEXT
20.current = 1

This works well as long as I add plain text to the fax number like "Fax:".
But in this case &lt;img src="fileadmin/icons/fax.gif" width="16" 
height="10" border="0" alt="Fax" title="Fax" /&gt; is written into the 
source code instead of <img src=... >. As you can imagine this doesn't 
look good in the FE. ;-)

Any ideas what's wrong with my code? Did I forget something? Or did I 
found a bug? I'm using TV v0.4.0 and typo3 v3.8.1.

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