[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila and version 3.8.0

Luna Nera lilithnp at hypertalk.com
Wed Feb 8 04:05:53 CET 2006

>here i am
>>  I Installed TYPO3 on my remote linux apache webserver, taking it from
>>  the FANTASTICO utility, and the version installed is 3.8.0
>>  This version doesn't has (or at least i cannot find it) the TEMPLAVOILA
>>  control center....
>Correct. It is an extension and should be installed from online repository.

i did it, i had to install other files first, but it worked great..

>>  Well, from you presentation, i see that the one shown is a  3.8.0-dev
>>  version, that has completely different icons and look&feel, and the
>Icons and colors are defined by current skin. Skins are extensions too
>and also come from repository.

for the momenti the current skin is ok to me...

>No one. You have to install it separatelly. By the way, did you read
>Futuristic Template Building tutorial?

Not yet, i'll give it a look.,...
there's soooo much documentation.....




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