[TYPO3-templavoila] Another usuability issue

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Fri Dec 8 15:58:24 CET 2006

Benjamin Mack kirjoitti:
> Hey list,
> I just ran into another rather stupid usuability-issue. In the 
> templavoila - page-module (mod1), when e.g. the doktype "shortcut" is 
> selected you get a message "Jump to shortcut destination", BUT there is 
> no way (except via the pagetree) to edit the page properties of this 
> page (if you want to change the doktype back to something else or change 
> the page title).
> I already fixed this issue in the last couple of minutes. I added an 
> issue to the bugtracker as well as the patch for the index.php.
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=4625
> Hope this improves usuability for somebody else too ;-).

I added a fix to the evaluation version of tm_contentaccess
if(isset($this->modTSconfig['properties']['allowContentForShortcut'])) {
&& $this->rootElementRecord['doktype']==4))
								$render_editPageScreen = false; // New in 1.1.1 compared with 
1.0.1 -! Do not output editing code for special doctypes!
elseif(isset($PageTSConfig['mod.']['SHARED.']['allowContentForShortcut'])) {
&& $this->rootElementRecord['doktype']==4))
								$render_editPageScreen = false;
						else	$render_editPageScreen = false;

Does you solution differ this essential?

Another feature, which annoyes me is sidebar. I didn't
find for it a way to disable individual items.
It needs just few rows code to do that

var $modTSconfig;	// This module's TSconfig
	function render() {
		$this->modTSconfig = 
		$typesForDisableSidebarItems = 
		for($i=0; $i< $countRemovableItems;$i++) {

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