[TYPO3-templavoila] RFC: Flexpointer handling in Typo3 Core classes (@Dmitry)

Martin Klaus klausm at in.tum.de
Sun Dec 3 05:53:57 CET 2006

Hi Dmitry,

Some time ago, i've written the experimental Extension
(mk_tvfrontend) to enable working FE-Editing with Templavoila.
(wich works also with nested Flexforms and referenced CE's)
see: http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=3191

The main Problem why TV-FEediting doesn't work that well,
is that the TS frontend rendering knows nothing about the
Flexform Pointer (=Positon) of the record it renders.

(TS frontend rendering knows only the id and page of the record
it renders, wich helps nothing in context of TV)

So what would be a solution for this problem...

-> Let the frontend rendering know something abaut the concept
flexformPointer. At the moment the frontend can handle
records in the form :  <uid> and <table>_<uid>
so why not simply add <flexformPointerString> to describe a record?

That's basically what i've done in my extension, and that's the reason why 
so much
x-classing is needed at the moment.There's a lot of need for this feature, 
and i got
much feedback from TV-users. I think this feature should not be enabled
by extension (x-classing) but should be added to TV and the frontend
core classes. (see detailed description below)

Dmitry, i would be very happy to get your feedback as TV and core developer.

Martin Klaus

Ideas for TV-enabled Frontend:


  -> it should be possible to access the flexformPointer
      of the current record from Typoscript (tslib_content, cObj)

  -> all Frontend Database access classes/methods (like loadDBGroup)
      should be able to handle Record Pointers in the following forms:

      .) <uid>
      .) <table>_<uid>
      .) flexformPointerString

      (partitionally implemented by me in loadDBGroup)

  -> fetch flexformData from other pages, fce's from TypoScript

  -> set a flag so that the TypoScript Environment knows, if it was invoked 
by TV


  -> move up / down uses flexfomPointer Information (already done)
       (extend: tslib_content->editPanel; 

  -> delete should be unlink in TV-context
       (extend: t3lib_tsfebeuserauth->extEditAction)

  -> it would be better to have cut/paste/create_ref buttons instead of 
      this means to have clipboard access in FE-Edit
      (extend: tslib_content->editPanel; 

  -> show unused elements list in FE
      (maybe with additional button in toolbar or EditPanel wich opens 
Pop-Up window)

  -> enable better Language handling in FE-Edit
      (support for all three translation paradigms)

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