[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila v/s Traditional Templating (Template AutoParser, TypoScript etc.)

Dennis Riedel riedel at opus5.info
Sat Dec 2 21:14:34 CET 2006

Interesting point. I was told that there is a way of "mixing" both ways 
using the Flex Forms for content elements. I realized my first project 
with TV! and except of some wrong-doings on my side (changing templates 
afterwards inline and using one template for Main Page Template AND for 
different FCEs), I am now recieving positive feedback from my editors.

And yes. Sections for repeatable content are fantastic. I love this 
concept and I think it makes a lot of templating very easy.

Using a lot of TS is not my target, I am happy when I can avoid this, 
reducing it to main configurational purpose for extensions or the main 
page template.

Before TV! I did T3 websites using automaketemplate which was also quite 
nice. Probably you want to have a look on that.
Other ppl prefer writing their markers directly into the HTML code.

But this depends on their approach doing the whole development. I prefer 
to do the complete HTML and CSS stuff before I start with T3 Templating 
and implementation. When everybody (mainly client) is happy with the 
page and how it works in the target browsers I do the TV! Templating.

The "marker guys" started directly with their common HTML template, 
setting markers in the right positions, building and styling the menu 
within Typo3 and adding the rest through the "column view" page editor.

Probably someone has other examples or experience regarding this?


Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> shikeb wrote:
>> Thanks, Dmitry and Gideon, for your kind words. I wanted to know 
>> whether   flexible content elements can be emulated the traditional 
>> way. What I mean is that flexible content defines a template for 
>> individual elements quite easily which we can later on plug into our 
>> page templates anywhere where we are allowed to insert content, just 
>> like regular content elements. If I were using markers and all would 
>> that be possible? I am just a bit naive in visualizing this so I 
>> thought to ask the noble guys of the lists. I have read the mtb's (a 
>> long time back) and the ftb documents but I'll re-read them following 
>> Dimitry's advice.
> I do not think you can emulate sections (repeatable) using MTB. But you 
> can emulate simple FCE with [a lot of] TS code and manual selection of 
> elements, which is very inconvinient.

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