[TYPO3-templavoila] How to show Content of one page in right column of other pages?

Heimo Ponnath ponnath at heimo.de
Tue Aug 22 13:17:40 CEST 2006


having built a Typo3 site with templaVoila and with some help from 
this list I am happy that everything works fine.

Now i have a spezific problem:

There ist one Page, called "Neuheiten", where in the middle field I 
show short sentences with external links to some interesting facts. 
This page has the ID 57.

I want to show this content in the right field of some other pages.

To do this, these other pages depend on a special template (TO) in 
which the right field is mapped to a TypoScript Object lib.neuheiten

The data structure XML of this template is (excerpt):
 <field_inhaltrechts type="array">
                <tx_templavoila type="array">
                    <title>Seiteninhalt rechts</title>
                    <sample_data type="array">
                        <numIndex index="0">Hier befindet sich der 
Seiteninhalt der rechten Spalte</numIndex>
                    <eType_EXTRA type="array">
                <TCEforms type="array">
                    <label>Seiteninhalt rechts</label>

In the TypoScript template of the root-page I inserted this code:

# Darstellung der Neuheiten auf der rechten Seite
lib.neuheiten = CONTENT
lib.neuheiten {
  table = tt_content
  select.orderBy = sorting
  select.where = colPos=1
  select.pidInList = 57

I thought, everything should be fine now. But when I look at this 
page, there is nothing in the right field. There must be something I 
made wrong - but what?

Do you habe any idea about my mistake?

Best wishes to you


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Tel: 040-753 47 95,Fax: 040-752 68 03, http://www.heimo.de/

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