[TYPO3-templavoila] text on screen, but not in html code - only with tv

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Wed Aug 2 15:36:17 CEST 2006

Hi Christopher

>Yes: get rid of the comments. This is a well-known bug in Internet 
>Explorer--but who can keep track of them /all/? :-)

Thank you for that! Here I am doing the "right" thing, and helping myself by
commenting html (mostly becs I am using full css for the first time, and
this way I can make sure all the div tags are closed, etc :) ) and IE has to
hate it ... typical.

>By the way, if there is an oddity in the display of a page like this 
>where something appears on the screen that is not in the source, even 
>when javascript is disabled, the problem /must/ lie with the browser.

Thanks for this tip too - I guess after you (I) get so many errors within
Typo3 by doing things wrong, you forget that it could actually be something
else :)


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