[TYPO3-doc] Tip for ReST editor: Styles for screenshots

Martin Bless m.bless at gmx.de
Thu Dec 20 20:55:04 CET 2012


>Looks very good indeed.

I'm glad you all like it.

>I guess the ":class:" property can be used with figures too?

It's even more: "class" is one of the common attributes that each
node (=element) of the doctree (=DOM) internally has. It's
commonly accessible by the class directive. So you can actually

.. class:: screenshot-detail

   I'm a paragraph but look like a screenshot!

But because .. image:: /is/ a directive already that has options
you better specifiy the class there. Since it's a common
attribute, in general all directives take that :class: option.


Interesting example there (Christopher!):

.. class:: special

     Block quote text.

>> - use :class: screenshot-detail for "small to medium" screenshots
>> - use :class: screenshot-fullsize for "large" screenshots
>> In the moment "screenshot-detail" and "screenshot-fullsize" are
>> the same. But we could make something out of it later ...
>Indeed, like having screenshots that fit the page width and be able to 
>click-enlarge in a lightbox, hmm? :-)

You got it!


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