[TYPO3-caretaker] Chart - switch between dates

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Fri Feb 17 09:52:23 CET 2012

Am 08.02.12 17:01, schrieb Nina:
> Hi Mark,
> thanks that helped.
> I can go up to the 3 months chart with:
> memory_limit = 512M
> max_execution_time = 30
> After that (12 months) I run in problems the max_execution_time.
> With this settings I get the chart:
> memory_limit = 1024M
> max_execution_time = 240
> Maybe he is unhappy with me letting him make http tests all 3 minutes
> for a server (to mutch info to calculate).
> Would you recommend letting the server run with the high setting?
> On the server we do trial programming for live servers. I fear that we
> can't see if our programming is to slow with this settings.
> Greetings Nina

Hi Nina,

charting long time ranges is a problem since we store all resukt-data 
forever and so you end up loading huge amounts of test results.

We thought about providing some sceduler tasks to remove unimportant 
test results from the database after a some time and just keep 1 result 
per day or later one reault per week but that is not implemented yet.

So in short. Do'nt do longtime charts or if you need to, write a 
sceduler task to reduce the charted data. We would like to include this 
feature into caretaker if it is generic. So contributions are welcome.

Regards Martin

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