[TYPO3-caretaker] extending Remote Operation

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Thu Sep 9 12:34:59 CEST 2010

Am 08.09.10 10:42, schrieb Oliver Krause:
> Hi,
> thank you again for this wonderful caretake project. We updated our servers last week and
> are now almost complete green with core and extension versions for all our customer sites!
> Without the caretaker support it would have been a toture!
> I'm currently writing a new test to find all locally changed extensions and noticing that
> the remote Operation 'GetExtensionList' gives me nearly all information I need but misses
> the MD5 hashs.
> It is only one additional line in the file
> class.tx_caretakerinstance_Operation_GetExtensionList.php
> to bring it to work. Just add in line 107
> $extensionInfo[$extKey]['_md5_values_when_last_written'] =
> $EM_CONF[$extKey]['_md5_values_when_last_written'];
> My question is:
> Is it better to write an own operation extension or can you adopt it in your file? I know
> you're trying to keep the system lean, so I can understand if you're rejecting it.
> Maybe it can be useful to introduce a new parameter key 'additionalEmConfKeys' where you
> can retrieve user-specified Information about the extensions.
> If you find that useful I can send you the implementation in no time...

Hi Olli,

i like your proposal but i would suggest to handle it a bit different.

1. What you suggest is that we only request the md5 info from the extension info. That 
gives not much information. I would suggest to calculate the md5 of the extension folder 
instead. The TER stores an md5 valueof the t3x file for each extension and so we should do 
the same. That would allow the caretaker server to compare this md5 with the info from ter.

2. There is already an InstanceOperation getFilesystemChecksum which takes a file or 
folder and returns an md5 value. The only Problem is that this value is different from the 
t3xmd5 which is included in the TER-DB.

Possible solutions would be to add a new instanceOperation getFilesystemT3xChecksum. I 
do'nt recommend to add this information directly to the getExtensionList-Opereation since 
this feature will be quite expensive. Afterwards it is quite simple to create a test on 
which requests all t3xmd5 values of the extension and compares them with the ter-values.

Regards Martin

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