[TYPO3-caretaker] CheckPathService

Thomas Hempel thomas at typo3-unleashed.net
Tue Mar 16 09:06:26 CET 2010

Hi Felix,

> I just made my first committ and built a CheckPathService. Somehow my
> SVN client ate the "-F committ.msg", so here is, what I committed:
> * added CheckPathExists-Operation to test if a specified path exists
> * added CheckPathTestService to test if one or more paths exists or do
> not exist and are the right type (file/folder)
> Just have a look inside the test-section, I think it's pretty
> self-explaining.
> If you have questions, feel free to email me. ;-)

First of all, thanks for your work BUT...

Please! Please! Please! DO NOT commit anything to the trunk just because 
you can!!!

Let us stick with the common way of getting things into a certain code base.

1. Open an issue on forge
2. Write a patch and submit it to the issue on forge
3. Tell us here on the list
4. If approved, commit it to the trunk

Why? It's not because I doubt our code quality or whatever. It's just 
because we don't want anything in caretaker core. We kept it small and 
atomic for a reason.
I know we never stated this anywhere before so please don't feel 
offended by this.

I will not revert this. I think someone at networkteam should have a 
look at your changes because they mainly developed the 
caretaker_instance stuff.

Best wishes,

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