[TYPO3-caretaker] Selenium was: Re: Welcome

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Thu Feb 11 02:03:28 CET 2010

Martin Ficzel wrote:
> Am 09.02.10 21:23, schrieb Georg Kuehnberger:
>> Thomas Hempel wrote:
>>> the whole system much more fragile. And I think be both think that a
>>> testsystem should be rock solid. ;-)
>> ACK;
>>> What COULD be done on the other hand is, that as soon as the selenium
>>> stuff is ready (I don't have an overview in this department), that the
>>> selenium stuff is extended.
>>> Maybe introduce some record type called "selenium config" which
>>> contains a snippet of selenium configuration. In the test record
>>> therefore you collect those "selenium config records" to a selenium
>>> "workflow". In the simplest case, the implementation side will only
>>> merge those snippets into one text and sends that to the selenium
>>> clients.
>> Right, that's what I'm aiming for.
>>> But I would like to safe that for later. 
>> Guess you dont mind if we'd work on such an implementation meanwhile (as
>> another caretaker-extension). I feel it should not be too complicated,
>> however until now I neighter have written down an implementation-plan,
>> nor a single line of code. - Was just interesting on your feedback.
> Hi Georg,
> i see two pissible solutions which could be included in caretaker_selenium.
> 1. Add a syntax to include external selenium configuration files in the
> selenium testconfiguration.
> 2. Add a record type selenium_testpart to the extension and allow
> selecting n of those records in the selenium-tests. The selected
> testconfigurations would be executed in the selected order right before
> the config in the testconf field is executed.
> Both makes sense to me and can be done quite easily. I would prefer to
> get patches for caretaker selenium instead of having one more
> testservice-extension.
> Regards Martin


Thanks for your feedback.

I gonna look into which of the two options (1. vs. 2.) will workout 
better (from our testing practice).

 > I would prefer to
 > get patches for caretaker selenium

I'll update you on our progress as soon as there's something to be show.
regards georg

PS: Upfront, thanks for adding those missing bits (not "bites") to 

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