[TYPO3-caretaker] Selenium was: Re: Welcome

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Mon Feb 8 19:22:57 CET 2010

Georg Kuehnberger wrote:

Let me add two comments/ideas, which I'd like to get your opinion on:

> However two questions arose while testing:
> 1.) How you do you guys create your tests and convert it into this 
> special format. So far we create our tests with Selenium IDE and eigther 
>  ran them via Selenium-Core (HTML SELENESE) or via Selenium-Server with 
> the generated PHP code.
> Question arising is: how do you convert your tests into the special 
> format required by caretaker-selenium?

I've see that it's relatively straight fwd. to convert standard 
html-SELENESE into the Caretaker's SELENESE format with a few repexp.
However my question remains - how do you do it?

I've tinkered with the idea of a wizard-like converter, so the workflow 
would be: paste-in-your-html-SELENESE and click the wizard-button, which 
converts it into Caretaker-SELENENSE [via JS like eg. the lorem-ipsum 
EXT does it], or do the same with a transformation during saving the 
SELENESE. - this might also better be moved into the below Idea.

> 2.) We normaly structure our tests so that certain parts like 
> reset-test-env, login, logout are written only once and included by each 
> single functional test. Do you see a chance to to do the same for the 
> caretaker selenium-tests ?

- Create a new data-type: Selenium-Test-Snippets where we would store 
the sippets.
- Change the current SELENESE text-field to a groupfield allowing the 
selection and ordering of Selenium-Test-Snippets.
- Change the Selenium-Test-Executor to "compile" the complete test out 
of the selected Test-Snippets and their order.

> Thanks upfront, regards georg
again g

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