[TYPO3-caretaker] RPC for caretaker

Pascal Jungblut mail at pascal-jungblut.com
Mon Apr 19 13:00:18 CEST 2010

Hey Felix,

> Just friday we recovered that two of us allready were workin on that task indepently. ;-)

I actually laughed :-)

> I started building an TYPO3-extension which outputs all the node-tree- and test-status-data via JSON. The gui is very basic (webApp) and its not very functional yet, yet it relays on data from a "live"-caretaker server. See [1] for a brief overview.

Wow, that looks really cool! I think it might even be the preferred choice to use a webApp in this case (of course, not if you want to learn code in Objective-C).

> Someone else (a member of the caretaker crew) started (or was going to start?) a native iPhone App with some table-view. We thaught about feeding his app with my JSON data or mixing stuff somehow ...
> I gave my first results to him (even if it was not that much for now) because I've been busy with other things lately. As he is reading this list as well, I think he will write some lines, what's coming up next and how synergistic use could be accomplished ...

Very cool, I'd like to hear something about that. I'm planning pretty much the same (a table view based app). Martin mentioned that it is already possible to call messages the same way as the caretaker does and register new ones with an own extension. I haven't had very much time this weekend to dig into the caretaker code, but I think it might be pretty cool to use the already existing crypto and RPC stuff.
Although: as your JSON interface already works, reinventing the wheel is, of course, unnecessary.


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