[TYPO3-caretaker] RPC for caretaker

Pascal Jungblut mail at pascal-jungblut.com
Mon Apr 19 13:00:08 CEST 2010

Hey Martin,

what I want to implement is basically an overview as the caretaker provides it in the backend module. First it should be possible to view the testresults, charts, information and maybe to trigger the tests manually. I don't know if it would make sense to edit and add tests via the iPhone.

> The caretaker_instance extension already has some sort of encrypted
> method calling implemented. For security reasons it only executes
> previously registered methods (we call this remote operations). The list
> of remote operations can be extended by extensions so you can add all
> the operations you need in an extension which afterwards would be
> installed on the caretaker-server. The request-building / -decryption
> etc. happens in the caretaker_instance extension so you will find
> examples there.

Thanks a lot, I will take a look at that! Do you know if there is any definition of the API out in the wild?


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