[TYPO3-caretaker] RPC for caretaker

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Sun Apr 18 13:40:52 CEST 2010

Am 18.04.10 00:22, schrieb Pascal Jungblut:
> Hello,
> first I have to thank you guys for the caretaker project. I started planning a similar project a few days before caretaker was announced and was happy to see what you developed. Great work!
> However, I'm currently playing around with Cocoa Touch/Objective-C (the programming framework on iPhone OS) and I'd like to implement a caretaker client for the iPhone. Of course the client will need to fetch information from the caretaker extension. Is there already an infrastructure to do that, i.e. XMLRPC? Note: I would like to get the data from caretaker, not caretaker_instance.
> Oh, and if you have ideas for the client, let me know!
> Thanks in advance
> Pascal

Hi Pascal,

since all members of the caretaker core team use iPhones we are very
interested in what you are planning. Can you describe which feature you
are planning?

The caretaker_instance extension already has some sort of encrypted
method calling implemented. For security reasons it only executes
previously registered methods (we call this remote operations). The list
of remote operations can be extended by extensions so you can add all
the operations you need in an extension which afterwards would be
installed on the caretaker-server. The request-building / -decryption
etc. happens in the caretaker_instance extension so you will find
examples there.

Regards, Martin

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