[TYPO3-performance] TS-Rendering - IMG_RESOURCE - 622 ms - Solution

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Fri Sep 25 20:56:49 CEST 2009


bernd wilke schrieb:
> Am Fri, 25 Sep 2009 14:44:18 +0200 schrieb JoH asenau:
>>> the modified time is not available on windows, right? Otherwise
>>> checking mtime should be ok?!
mtime is available on windows.

>> So I would prefer the following concept:
>> if (time has changed && size has changed) {
>>     create new image
>> } else if (time has changed && content has changed) {
>>     create new image
>> }
mtime is enough imho. Anytime you change the pic, mtime change too. So 
this is the cheapest check and the only needed.
If you don't agree, give me an example where mtime change and file is 

> in future we may need a similar check for movies (new media-support) and 
> that might be very big files. 
> Calculating md5 for all bytes of the whole file will take a long time. 

not with the media ce, it stores only reference of the file for exact 
this reason.

vg Steffen

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