[TYPO3-performance] Performance Graphs

Fabrizio Branca news at _REMOVETHIS_fabrizio-branca.de
Tue Nov 10 10:23:54 CET 2009

Hi everybody,

I created a little extension that allows you to create svg graphs of the 
memory consumption over time of a TYPO3 FE request (populated) with some 
other data.

This extension might be interesting for you trying to optimze TYPO3 (and 
extensions) performance.

You'll find the extension on forge:

There is even a small documentation for it:

And here is an example output showing the rendering of an mvc based list 
  extension (EXT:pt_list, based on my EXT:pt_mvc)

Here is a much simpler (and older) example showing the rendering of a 
simple text content element:

Currently the graph is populated with additional data from
- syslog
- devlog
- TSlog
- TT Stack
- Database operations

By using $GLOBALS['TT']->push() / ->pull() in your extensions you can 
add some stack level information to the graph. The pt_mvc extension does 
this by default with all controllers and its action calls.



Btw: svg are vector graphics. That means you can zoom in using firefoxes 
zoom functionality to see some details. You can hover on some lines and 
areas to get additional information.

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