[TYPO3-performance] Running TYPO3 on Nginx, natively

Michiel Roos [netcreators] michiel at netcreators.com
Tue Aug 11 07:58:40 CEST 2009

georg kuehnberger schreef:
> Michiel,
> Thanks for the interesting articles!
> One question though: NGINX also offer a caching reverse proxy function 
> see http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpProxyModule  did you also test this one?
> Question because I failed failed to get it working right, last time I 
> tried. Thus I decided to go for varnish as caching reverse proxy, but 
> didnt find the time to work it out yet.

Hi Georg,

There are some proxying examples here: 

Most of them (if not all) are about cacheing to another (as in other and 
slower than Nginx) backend app. But you should just as easily be able to 
run an Nginx server (site) on another port and pass_through to that.

Here is a working example with a proxying frontend server running on 
port 8080. Of course you would switch around the port numbers in real 
life, make one server run locally only, etc.:

# Frontend server
server {
   server_name www.domain.org domain.org;
   location / {
     proxy_pass http://www.domain.org:80;

# Backend server
server {
   server_name www.domain.org domain.org;
   client_max_body_size 100m;

   access_log off;

   location / {
     root   /var/www/domain.org;
     index  index.php index.html;

     include sites-available/expires.conf;

. . . . .


But you must _measure_ if there is actually any performace gain in using 
such a setup. I expect Nginx to do a fair bit of cacheing on a bare 
server cofiguration so I don't expect any gain if you put Nginx in front 
of itself. The one Thing you will get is added TCP overhead from 
proxying te requests to self.

But . . .


You may find gains in enabling and configuring fastcgi_cache: 

Since that lies between the generation of PHP code (using MySQL too) and 
the display of the code.

And . . .

You may find gains in enabling and configuring memcached:


Met vriendelijke groet / Warm regards,

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