[TYPO3-performance] Running TYPO3 on Nginx, natively

georg kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Mon Aug 10 15:33:18 CEST 2009


Thanks for the interesting articles!
One question though: NGINX also offer a caching reverse proxy function 
see http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpProxyModule  did you also test this one?
Question because I failed failed to get it working right, last time I 
tried. Thus I decided to go for varnish as caching reverse proxy, but 
didnt find the time to work it out yet.

regards georg

Michiel Roos [netcreators] wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are some articles about getting TYPO3 up and running on Nginx. Next 
> will be an article about benchmarking Nginx against Apache.
> http://www.typofree.org/article/archive/2009/august/title/running-typo3-on-nginx/ 
> http://www.typofree.org:8080/article/archive/2009/august/title/typo3-nginx-enable-gzip-and-expires-headers/ 
> http://www.typofree.org:8080/article/archive/2009/august/title/enabling-nc-staticfilecache-in-typo3-nginx/ 

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